Why Would Anyone Ever Get a Dog?

She got the call while we were out Christmas shopping. It was the some of the worst news she had ever received: while staying at an animal boarding house, her little four-pound Yorkie, Mico, was attacked by a much bigger dog and was killed. Absolutely devastating. Unbelievable. So mercilessly tragic. It was heartbreaking for me […]

Virgin Pregnancies Not So Rare?

In my novel Now and at the Hour of Our Death, I explore what it would be like if a young ardent virgin found out that she was pregnant. What if a miracle of biblical proportions happened in today’s skeptical world? Obviously, society would scoff at the scientific impossibility. Virgins don’t get pregnant. Or do […]

Rand Paul on Board With American Charter Cities

I’m always dismayed when people try to pass the civic debacle known as Detroit off as a libertarian city as this sorely misguided news anchor has: As I wrote back in July, a failed government does not equate to a lack of government. Failed tyranny doesn’t equate to autarchy. Detroit isn’t a libertarian city, but […]