Are Goodreads Giveaways Worth It?

The last time I did a Goodreads Giveaway, I generated interest from hundreds of people, got several reviews (some actually good) and some lasting interest in the book. Fast forward almost four years and things have changed. I was shocked to find that the now Amazon subsidiary requires a fee of $199 or $599 for […]


Raise a Paleo Family!

I’m excited to announce the release of my latest project: Paleo Family: Raising Natural Kids in an Unnatural World, co-authored by my co-everything Gina Morse, RN MSN. This has been a long and grueling process, but it’s a labor of love and have enjoyed it all. Please let me know what you think and spread […]



a sudden change on a computer device immediately before a user taps or clicks, causing the user to click on an unintended link and producing a momentary hatred of all technology.


Agreement in the Time of Zika

2015 was pretty bad for the concept of agreement. Religious differences spurred despicable terrorist attacks; protests across the US resulted in antagonism between racial minorities and police; and caustic political vitriol seemed to be at an all-time high across the globe. As one commentator¬†wrote, “If you ask 100 different people how we should fix this […]


Someone Stole My Book Cover!

Being an independent author and publisher isn’t easy. You’re oftentimes trying to produce quality material on top of holding a day job and without the marketing budgets big publishers have to bring in the readers who make it all worthwhile. It’s even more difficult when you produce good stuff because, inevitably, other authors and publishers […]

Which Online Advertising Vehicle Sells More Books?

By most accounts, my latest novel, a spiritual fiction entitled Now and at the Hour of Our Death is pretty good. It has an average of over 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon and Goodreads and I’ve received some wonderful reviews (by several people who aren’t my mom!). But sales have been sparse, at […]

4 Easy Steps to Self-Publishing Glory

You have a great book or manuscript but can’t seem to get anyone’s attention in the publishing field or you have great skills in writing but can’t market yourself for your life. ¬† You could have had bad experiences with publishers before or just want to hoard all of the profits for your book sales […]