Believe It Or Not, You Believe In Miracles

When I was a kid, I had a best friend everyone called Booby. His real name was Bobby, but we called him Booby because he was a little chunky and he had man-boobs. He was all right with us calling him Booby instead of Bobby. What he wasn’t okay with was coming down with a […]

Virgin Pregnancies Not So Rare?

In my novel Now and at the Hour of Our Death, I explore what it would be like if a young ardent virgin found out that she was pregnant. What if a miracle of biblical proportions happened in today’s skeptical world? Obviously, society would scoff at the scientific impossibility. Virgins don’t get pregnant. Or do […]

Pope Francis is Right to Criticize the World Economy, but He’s Wrong in Calling it a Free Market

Pope Francis has just released an apostolic exhortation entitled Evangelii Gaudium, which ostensibly describes the joy of the Gospel. He makes some excellent points about the pitiful state of society and the lack of faith throughout the world, which has led and will lead to further ruin. He makes some controversial statements, however, about the […]