JSB Morse has the honor of speaking at several schools including the University of Texas at Austin and St. Edward’s University and has appeared in several debates. He would be glad to speak to your group or offer a unique perspective in your debate.



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The Principles of Liberty

There is but one political framework that is self-consistent and that is Vulnero Nemo: everyone should be able to do whatever they will unless that infringes on the same right of others. This applies to every socio-political issue and can be expressed as such in an entertaining  fashion.

Everyone Agrees

Why do atheists and believers argue for hours without first defining “God?” Why do people describe Nazis and Soviets in exactly the same way yet place them on opposite ends of the political spectrum? Why do some judge others for being judgmental? Why are some psychologists trying to disprove psychology? And how does arguing show that we really agree? These are fascinating questions with even more fascinating answers.

The Logic of Life

The abortion debate has divided the country into two ravenous tribes but we can come together using sound biological science and ethical logic.

Libertarianism and Catholicism

There is a lot of discussion these days about these two seemingly contrary ideologies, but JSB Morse shows how they fit together perfectly for an ideal society. We are made to be saints and the most effective way to achieve that goal is by limiting government to its only legitimate role.

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