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Race is Fake

  There is a long, dubious history of people separating humanity into groups based on appearance but it has consistently been arbitrary and illogical. Mostly racial groups are based on phenotypic characteristics (skin, hair, and eye color and head size and shape). The application of this simple classification is pretty obvious, especially when mapped out where we’re to believe that… Read more →

Want to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.? Don’t Talk About Race

The Austin Cathedral held a Memorial Mass for Martin Luther King Jr. yesterday and I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of unity. People of all races from all over the city, state, and country even joined together to honor one of the most influential personalities and one of the greatest people of modern history as we worshiped and… Read more →

Who’s Native?

I recently filled out an application for a public organization and was blown away by one of the first questions. I was shocked at how illogical and inconsistent the options were for this question and was tempted not to answer or to answer it in such a way that would confuse the writers more than they already were as evidenced… Read more →