Agreement in the Time of Zika

2015 was pretty bad for the concept of agreement. Religious differences spurred despicable terrorist attacks; protests across the US resulted in antagonism between racial minorities and police; and caustic political vitriol seemed to be at an all-time high across the globe. As one commentator wrote, “If you ask 100 different people how we should fix this […]


Paradoxes and the Purpose of Lent

I know paradoxes are compelling and provocative and mystical and all that good stuff, but I’m not a big fan. Sure, they’re not contradictions in that they are impossible and make no sense, but they are seeming contradictions, and they often have the effect of cheap Eastern theological thrills playing on the problem-solving region of […]


Believe It Or Not, You Believe In Miracles

When I was a kid, I had a best friend everyone called Booby. His real name was Bobby, but we called him Booby because he was a little chunky and he had man-boobs. He was all right with us calling him Booby instead of Bobby. What he wasn’t okay with was coming down with a […]